Craft Websites for Today’s Hobbyist


Craft websites are extremely important today for the craft hobbyist turn business person. And having that online presence will give a more professional presence today and let people know that the craft is more than just a hobby.

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Many people today are turning their hobbies of making crafts into real and very prosperous businesses, either out of necessity due to a job loss and today’s economic downturn, or they happened into business accidentally as friends and family began making referrals to their friends and coworkers and the hobby grew into a business naturally.

Many crafters are also taking their businesses online and setting up storefronts on websites like or so they can reach a wider geographic location with their crafts.

But the most exciting and original way to get crafts noticed online is to build a web presence and get established as the authority for whatever craft it is you make and sell, whether it’s recycled jeans into doll clothes and pillows or making lighted wine bottles and lighted mason jars by recycling used glass.

There are a lot of crafters who set out business cards on their tables at craft fairs and it’s always a really good idea, almost a necessity anymore, that you have your website address, or URL, listed on your business cards along with an email address. It’s pretty much expected, even for home-based craft businesses.

If you follow these basic steps to give your crafts an online presence, potential customers who see your items at craft shows but may want to purchase later, will have a place to go online. This increases your chances of building your craft business and you’ll be on your way to very profitable side business that may eventually support you full time in the event you may lose your day job.

Here are the key pages that craft websites should have to start with, especially if you’re selling crafts.

A Craft Site’s Home PagePhotographs: Crafts are a visual item and since most crafts are very unique, terrific photos of them are important for trying to sell them online.

Photos of your craft items should be displayed on the home page as well as throughout the site. But the Home page is where most website visitors will land on so it’s important that they know what you do and what you’re selling.

Brief introduction: Write a couple of introductory sentences explaining what your products are, what they can be used for, and why people should buy them.

Testimonials: If you’ve sold some of your items already, you should sprinkle some short testimonials throughout your website so visitors know you’re establishing yourself and your craft.

About Me PageWho are you? This page should tell a little bit about you, your background and how you got started in your craft. If you have a little background story about how and why you started making your items, this is the page to do it on.

Contact PageIt’s important that you have a way for your visitors to contact you to ask about special orders or how to buy one of your crafts, especially if you haven’t set up a way for them to order online.

Maybe you’re just getting started and you want to showcase your crafts first and take orders over the phone. And that’s just fine! A lot of crafters do this at first to get their feet wet in filling orders.

You can always integrate a shopping cart or Buy Now buttons later on if you start to sell a lot of your items by phone or email.

Article Page or DirectoryA really good way to establish yourself as an expert or experienced crafter is to write articles about what you do. Some topics could also be about where to find bargain supplies for making crafts or really, just about any topics about crafts at all.

As crafters get more experienced with the Internet, there are a lot of ways to learn how to build out craft websites to include a directory with links to other resources. But basically, for those just getting started, having craft websites will add a nice professional feel to the business and make it more real, more than just a hobby, than if you have a business card with no craft website listed on it.



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